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Veterans, military spouses, and business professionals gathered in Dupont, WA on August 29th, 2019 to network with friends, colleagues, and peers.
Ben offers insights about problem solving, sales, and continuous learning.
Emilio offers insights about responsibility, learning, and how to transition out of the military.
Exercising Duty takes work and is a lifelong journey.
Shawn offers insights about veterans transitioning into the civilian workplace.
"A paramount principle of a warrior spirit is the ability to Buck the system and speak the truth plainly when needed."
Rocky Torres shares his experience transitioning out of the military and shares insight about overcoming challenges, leadership and teamwork.
Kristi Holwege shares her experience and offers insights and advice to other military spouses.

Work of Honor is a community of veterans and business professionals committed to combining best in class business and military operational strategies to create a strong economic community.

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