About Us

We honor all who serve!

MISSION: To create advancement for our Veteran and Military Spouse members in knowledge, capability and careers by shedding light on the value of their talents within the business community.

VISION: Work of Honor is a community of Veterans, Military Spouses and Business Professionals committed to combining best in class business and military operational strategies to enhance the economic strength and competitiveness of our nation.

ABOUT US: We are a team of four Veterans and eleven Military Spouse employees, passionate about assisting other Veterans and Military Spouses in business networking and career advancement opportunities.  

We enable talented individuals to connect with one another and the business community, to share knowledge and experience. Our desire is to see our communities grow and prosper, while strengthening our country’s economy.

OUR STORY: Work of Honor commenced its operations on June 10th, 2015

The great value that Military Veterans and their Spouses bring to Operational Excellence has long been overlooked and undervalued.

Work of Honor brings to light the elusive character traits and professional experiences Veterans and Military Spouses possess. Those traits, such as self-discipline, organizational expertise, level-headedness, respect, endurance, problem-solving, team building, active learning, motivation and caring, are exemplified by the 4,500+ veterans & military spouses within the Work of Honor community (95% veterans).

When you become a Work of Honor member, you participate in a Veteran, Military Spouse and Business Community having access to job opportunities, business networking, community members, various speaker series and information related to operations and business efficiency.

We welcome you to join us and participate in our growing community of Veterans, Military Spouses and Business Professionals.


WORK OF HONOR TEAM:                                                                      

Former Military, Frederick Melvin, US Army                                                                          

Military Spouse, Katie Martel

Former Military, Claymore MacTarnaghan, US Army                       

Military Spouse, Anna-Lena Lane

Military Spouse, Cayce Franklin

Military Spouse, Anna Nykonenko

Former Military, Andrew Stark, US Marine Corp Vet., Navy Reservist

Former Military, Karissa Basalyga, Air Force

Military Spouse, Merysia Purvis

Military Spouse, Ali Butler

Military Spouse, Velia Leon

Military Spouse, Veronica Flores

Military Spouse, Samina Maltsberger

Military Spouse, Patience Lee