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Altierus is a non-profit, higher educational school system with 21 campuses in 11 states, operating as Altierus Career College or Altierus Career Education. And being a student here is different. Because we don't see you as just a student. We see you as an individual within our community with your own reasons for being here. At Altierus, we're like family — one that helps you find the career path that's right for you and guides you to become a professional in as little as 10 months.

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A School That Feels Like Family

At each of our 21 campuses, everyone cares about you as a person and knows there's more to life than just being a student. That's why here, you'll be welcomed into a community that knows your name and cares about who you are. And more importantly, knows how far you can go. No matter what life throws your way, you can count on our tight-knit family to be there for you, keeping you focused on where you're headed, and giving you the help you need to get there.

Your Future Career Is More Than a Job to Us

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Jairlyn Volentine 
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