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CACI provides information solutions and services in support of national security missions and government transformation for Intelligence, Defense, and Federal Civilian customers. CACI is a member of the Fortune 1000 Largest Companies, the Russell 2000 Index, and the S&P SmallCap600 Index. CACI’s sustained commitment to ethics and integrity defines its corporate culture and drives its success. With approximately 18,600 employees worldwide, CACI provides dynamic career opportunities for military veterans and industry professionals to support the nation’s most critical missions. Join us!

Our information solutions and services help our customers:

  • Safeguard our national security
  • Support critical decision-making to counter global threats
  • Keep our Armed Forces informed, equipped, and mission-ready
  • Transform government to enhance the quality of services to our citizens
  • Modernize government to more efficiently meet national challenges

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Company Direct
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More than 5,000 Employees
Protective Services | Security, Cyber Security

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What We Do

CACI provides information solutions and services in support of national security missions and government transformation for intelligence, defense, and federal civilian customers. They include:

  • Business Systems

    We transform how government does business. Our technological expertise, Agile methodologies, and deep customer understanding enable enterprise system evolution, keep commerce flowing, and increase business productivity. We have developed and implemented solutions and shared services that enable the government to conduct business more efficiently. Learn more

  • Command and Control

    We enable information superiority on the battlefield. CACI develops, integrates, sustains, and operates Command and Control solutions consisting of hardware, software, and interfaces that provide robust, seamless C2 capabilities. We enable network-centric operations, deliver capabilities to achieve shared awareness, and understand asymmetric defense environments. Learn more

  • Communications

    We improve the exchange of information in a global space.CACI's broad-based solutions offer communications capabilities for soldier systems, mobile platforms, fixed facilities, and the enterprise. We deploy, secure, and shape the network. CACI develops, integrates, and sustains solutions that deliver multi-level unified communications from the enterprise directly to and from the tactical edge. Learn more


  • Cyber Security

    We refine precision technologies to counter evolving threats.CACI drives breakthrough solutions by combining years of cyber and electronic warfare experience with cutting-edge signals intelligence. With this fusion of expertise, we can protect vulnerable platforms, safeguard critical infrastructure, ensure comprehensive cyber support, and meet advanced mission needs. Learn more


  • Enterprise IT

    We amplify efficiency with next-generation technology. Several of the largest Intelligence, DoD, and civilian agencies rely on CACI to design, implement, sustain, and manage their enterprise IT solutions. They count on us to deliver cloud-powered technology and infrastructure solutions that are ahead of the curve and end-to-end managed services that optimize efficiency. Learn more

  • Health

    We modernize healthcare to accelerate transformation. CACI supports nationwide initiatives to improve healthcare delivery systems, integrate electronic health records, enhance population health, and sharpen emergency responsiveness. We stand ready to integrate health systems to facilitate data sharing, improve cost efficiencies, mitigate health threats, and enable response. Learn more

  • Intelligence Services

    We inform national and homeland security solutions. Our intelligence operations support spans the globe, driving awareness, countering threats, forecasting events, and improving decision support. Our experts deliver intelligence analysis, intelligence operations support, counterintelligence, and other services. Learn more

  • Intelligence Systems and Support

    We propel awareness to the cutting edge. CACI advances near real-time intelligence and analysis to drive situational awareness and gain operational advantage. Our precision technologies and systems enable near real-time collection of on-the-ground intelligence, enhance situational awareness, and integrate tactical platforms. Learn more

  • Investigation and Litigation Support

    We use proven tools to increase efficiency while lowering costs.Since 1978, CACI has assisted the U.S. government in investigating and litigating thousands of cases, saving billions of dollars for taxpayers. We provide investigation and litigation support from start to finish, an accredited computer and audio/video forensics lab, and scalable, secure cloud hosting. Learn more

  • Logistics and Material Readiness

    We advance readiness, ensuring combat sustainability. CACI supports the secure and efficient flow of materials and supplies. From warehouse to forward operating positions, we’re ready to provide complete product lifecycle management, deploy total supply chain solutions, improve logistics operations, and train personnel. Learn more

  • Space Operations and Resiliency

    We help launch, operate, and exploit systems in the space domain. Our predictive solutions allow decision-makers more options for maneuvers and response. We assist customers to plan complex launch missions, modernize and sustain ground operations, protect the space enterprise against attack, and identify and analyze objects and activity in space. Learn more

  • Surveillance and Reconnaissance

    We enhance situational awareness for a decisive tactical edge.CACI integrates reconnaissance and surveillance technologies into platforms that enhance soldier and unit situational awareness, mobility, interoperability, and survivability. We build solutions optimized for the mission, deliver technology-agnostic platform integration, and support systems for the duration. Learn more


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Gary Patton 
Vice President Military and Veterans Affairs

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