Concrete Technology Corporation

Concrete Technology Corporation
1123 Port of Tacoma Road
Tacoma, WA 98421

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Historically speaking.............                                                             Historical Milestones

Concrete Technology Corporation pioneered the development of the prestressed concrete industry in the United States. When Thomas and Arthur Anderson built the initial production facility in 1951, it was the first prestressing factory building in this country. The modest 4-employee company was the culmination of a year-long investigation by the Andersons throughout Europe to see the few prestressed concrete structures in existence at that time.

    Through considerable effort in developing and promoting the technology of prestressed elements for construction, Concrete Tech was able to win acceptance of its structural concepts. Acceptance led to growth in sales and demand, and the resulting expansion led to the building of the main Structural Plant in 1960.

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Company Direct
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51 to 200 Employees
Construction | Trades
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Things We Make:

Wide-Flange Girders

I Girders

Decked Bulb Tee

Channel Beams

Flat Bridge Slabs

Voided Slabs

Box Girders

Haunched Pier Deck Panels

Flat Pier Deck Panels

Prestressed Piling

Prestressed Fender Piles

Sheet Piles

Floating Structures

Concrete Armor Units

Hollowcore Slabs

Stadium Risers

Building Beams


Jail Walls

Double Tee Walls

Double Tees

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1123 Port of Tacoma Road
Tacoma, WA 98421