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The seeds of First Command’s commitment to serving the financial planning needs of American military families were planted in the early 1950s, when Air Force Lt. Col. Carroll Payne had the occasion to work closely with the families of several crew members killed in a training flight. Saddened by the survivors’ financial difficulties, Lt. Col. Payne began thinking about how he might be able to help other military families avoid the same fate. In 1958, he began laying the groundwork for the company that would become First Command.

First Command’s mission – coaching those who serve in their pursuit of financial security – hasn’t really changed in the ensuing years. Our focus continues to be on building trusting Client-Advisor relationships by meeting face-to-face with servicemembers, federal employees and their families to learn what’s important to them, helping them establish meaningful and specific goals that reflect their values, and then constructing comprehensive financial plans for protecting their loved ones and pursuing their goals.

Just as Lt. Col. Payne envisioned more than half a century ago, First Command is steadfastly committed to helping those who serve get their financial lives squared away.

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Reducing debt. Building savings. Protecting your future. Pursuing your goals. These things are important to most of us. And they’re important to the hundreds of thousands First Command has served since 1958.

Taking the time to discover what matters most to you is the first step in developing a meaningful financial plan. That’s why we offer complimentary financial plans to active-duty military members. We know your motivation, commitment and confidence are greatest when your plan matches your values – what’s important to YOU.

Together, we’ll develop a plan that’s:

  • Personalized. We design a plan to address your values, priorities and goals.
  • Comprehensive. We recommend specific investment, insurance and banking services to help you pursue your goals.
  • Integrated. We recommend specific investment, insurance and banking services to help you pursue your goals.
  • Complementary. Our Advisors are expertly trained to understand your unique military and federal benefits and complement them with your financial plan.

Your financial plan will be your guide as you pursue your goals: Meeting your daily and monthly expenses. Funding a child’s education. Building resources for the future. Providing for your loved ones’ financial security.

A First Command Financial Advisor will get you started on a plan. Through a thoughtful process and a trusted relationship, we will consistently focus on what’s important to YOU.


Preparing for risks is a vital part of your financial well-being. And it’s an integral part of any solid financial plan.

Insurance provides for unexpected events. And, if not prepared, those events could wreck your financial security … and the security of those you love. It could be a number of things: A careless driver who broadsides your car. A disability that prevents you from working. An extended stay in an assisted living facility. Even the death of a loved one. And the reality is, those in the military face additional risks.

First Command offers a wide array of insurance products to meet a wide array of needs, including:

  • Life insurance to support your survivors’ financial needs in the event of your death.
  • Property/casualty insurance to protect your investment in your home, auto and other personal property, plus liability coverage that protects your assets in the event of a lawsuit or judgment against you.
  • Disability income insurance to help replace income, should you become unable to work.
  • Long-term care insurance to help pay for daily living assistance for an extended period of time.

A First Command Financial Advisor can help you secure your future. To learn more, contact a trusted Advisor today.


Building savings is a vital step in getting your financial house in order. Once short-term needs –monthly obligations, emergency expenses – are accounted for, it’s time to focus on long-term needs and goals.

This may include funding a major purchase like a home or paying for a daughter’s wedding. It may mean paying for a career transition or a child’s education. And investments are a vital tool in saving for retirement or passing wealth on to beneficiaries.

There are thousands of investment products available, and we want to help you find what suits your needs, your goals and your unique existing benefits. Investing doesn’t have to be complicated. And there are benefits to keeping it simple. So we’ve built our investment philosophy on some very basic, yet very effective, principles:

  • If you don’t save, you can’t invest.
  • Time and compounding are powerful tools for any investor.
  • Investing a fixed dollar amount at regular intervals – while providing no assurance of profit nor protection from loss – can help remove emotion from investing.

These principles aren’t novel. But time and again, this kind of disciplined investor behavior – combined with prudent investment selection – proves effective in helping First Command client families get their financial future squared away. To learn more, contact a trusted First Command Financial Advisor today.


First Command Bank is a full-service financial institution focused on providing exceptional value and convenience backed by attentive, personalized service. Our full range of personal and commercial banking products and services integrate with the insurance and investment offerings of our parent company, First Command Financial Services, to provide comprehensive financial solutions for individuals and businesses.

Our portfolio of personal banking products and services includes:

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Bryan Coleman 
Financial Advisor, Principal and District Advisor

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