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Manson Construction
5209 E. Marginal Way
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Manson is one of the nation’s leading heavy civil marine construction and dredging companies. We take great pride in our reputation for safely completing our work on time and on budget. Established in 1905, Manson began as a small, family-owned Puget Sound marine pile driving business. Today, Manson thrives as a 100% employee-owned company with a second, third and even fourth generation workforce. Our fleet of heavy marine construction and dredging equipment includes 60 specialized vessels and over 50 barges. Headquarters remain in Seattle, though we have expanded to include permanent facilities in Northern and Southern California, Louisiana, and Florida.

Manson is committed to creating an Incident and Injury-Free® (IIF®) workplace by performing all our activities with equal attention to safety, quality, and efficiency. We demonstrate our commitment by being honest, ethical, compassionate and fair in all of our dealing with employees and customers alike. We empower and give authority to all employees to stop work anytime, any place where safety is a concern. Nothing we do is worth anyone getting hurt.

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501 to 1,000 Employees
Construction | Trades
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Our core services include dredging, waterfront construction, piers and wharves, bridge building, heavy lifts, and offshore work. 

We have performed these types of projects and other specialized projects worldwide, bringing a breadth of knowledge in the areas of engineering, environment and safety that is essential for timely and cost-effective project completion.

Manson’s services begin with experienced project managers, estimators and engineers with a wealth of education and experience.

Manson’s philosophy is simple; to focus on innovation, provide solutions to challenges and client engagement throughout.

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5209 E. Marginal Way
Seattle, WA 98124