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OpenSquare signifies advancement beyond the parameters of traditional workspace environments. We continue to engage with customers to uncover their diverse workstyles and workplace needs. We partner with architects and designers to create the most innovative workspaces through cutting-edge products and advanced industry knowledge. OpenSquare opens a world of possibilities in every workspace, so our customers can realize their ideal work environment.

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201 to 500 Employees
Architectural | Design Service, Business Service | Consulting Service

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Sustainable Services

Environmental stewardship and sustainability are core values of OpenSquare. As we work with architects, designers and customers, we look for environmentally sound choices from product design to manufacturing, maintenance, refurbishment and end-of-life disposition.

OpenSquare partners with Steelcase in a highly comprehensive end-of-use program. The Steelcase Environmental Partnership Program allows customers the choice of donating, refurbishing, reselling or recycling their retired workspace furnishings. The program works extensively with furniture recycling and reuse programs that can match unneeded office furnishings with non-profit groups around the world.

OpenSquare also recognizes a corporate obligation to operate in earth-friendly ways by:

  • Recycling tons of materials from jobsites and our own warehouses each year
  • Utilizing Electronic Document Management to store documents, reducing paper consumption significantly
  • Adopting energy-efficient lighting
  • Acquiring fuel-efficient, cleaner-burning company vehicles

Great workplaces don’t just happen. Insights into how you work, who you collaborate with and how often, and your company’s overall culture are among the critical considerations when planning your workspace. OpenSquare has a highly regarded team of designers and space planners who participate in every phase of planning. Their professional qualifications include NCIDQ Certification, Bachelor degrees in Interior Design, Interior Architecture and/or Architecture. From early project planning with Architects and Designers, to product application, installation, and facilities maintenance, our Design Team is ready to help you manage furniture projects.

Our Designers expertise includes:

  • Programming with key staff to understand the user requirements
  • Meeting minutes and program documentation submitted for approval and to confirm the way forward and next steps
  • Site Survey/analysis of existing as-built conditions/dimensioning
  • Block planning for test fits and adjacency validation
  • Renderings
  • Inventory assessment and facilities inventory management
  • Schematic planning leads to plan development
  • Final furniture planning includes plan, elevations and 3D drawings
  • Coordination and selection of fabrics/finishes
  • AutoCAD expertise
  • CAP and Project Matrix specification expertise
  • Review all plans for code compliance related to furniture as it affects critical aisle dimensions and egress
  • Correspondence and project organization
  • Installation drawings include detailed legends, dimensions, electrical and data locations related to furniture connectivity to building infrastructure for coordination with trades.

OpenSquare design professionals will work as a partner with your representatives using evidence based design criteria in a collaborative team environment to create spaces that consider the program requirements and ultimately allow people to be productive, comfortable and inspired.


From the days of everyone having a 30” x 60” desk to the ascendancy of the cubical, workplaces have seen sweeping change. This continues in the 21st century, as companies discover they need a greater variety of work styles to support multiple generations at work and technology integration. Fresh ideas are molding workspaces into key strategic business tools that are relevant to what’s going on in the world, at work and with workers.

OpenSquare has the insight and talent to understand your workstyles and craft high-performing workspaces. Acknowledging the interdependence of people, process, technology and space, our solutions integrate these elements into an environment that strengthens peoples’ effectiveness, creativity, collaboration and health and wellness in the workplace.

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