Pacific Plumbing Supply Company LLC

Pacific Plumbing Supply Company LLC
7115 W Marginal Way SW
Seattle, WA 98106

Company information

Who We Are

Pacific Plumbing Supply Co. LLC was founded by Maurice Sherman in 1949.  He began the company by selling plumbing supplies out of a briefcase.  After building his business for two short years, unfortunately, he passed away, leaving the business to his two sons, who were still attending school at the time.  They have made the Company successful over all these years and still own and operate the business today.

Since the time of the briefcase, the Company has grown to 11 locations in Washington State, three locations in Alaska, and three locations in Hawaii.  We've been in Alaska since 1970 and in Hawaii since 1976.  As wholesalers, we sell plumbing products, primarily to the trade-plumbers and contractors.   We also have several showrooms through which sell some to the general public. 

In 1985, we opened our first luxury plumbing showroom in Bellevue and in 2013, moved it to Seattle.  It's called Abbrio and is considered state of the art.  We're proud distributors of many luxury plumbing, appliance, and door hardware products.

In 2008, we began to explore radiant heating and green plumbing products and that year we opened our first "Pacific Green Room" location selling radiant heating, tankless water heaters and other green plumbing products.  We opened a second store in Lacey, Washington in 2014.  We have plans to open our third Green Room in North Seattle within the next six months.

We have significant longevity within the Company among our employees, and we pride ourselves on promoting from within.  When we have an open position and an employee with the talent and ability to fill it, we take every opportunity to promote him or her into that position.  Extreme examples include our CEO, our VP/General Manager and VP/Operations, all three of whom started in the warehouse or driving the truck, are now are successfully running the Company.

We are a successful and growing plumbing wholesaler.  We hope you will consider joining our team and choosing to make a career with Pacific Plumbing Supply Co.  You could be an important part of our history as we continue to evolve.

What to Expect When Employed with Pacific Plumbing Supply

To apply:  Complete an application located on our website at

Benefits:  Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance and 401k with Employer Match

Approximate Hours:  Exact hours vary by location, but you could expect a shift between 6:00 a.m. & 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.  We work one weekend a year for inventory, usually in October.

Company profile type: 
Company Direct
Company size: 
51 to 200 Employees
Wholesale | Industry Trade, Construction | Trades
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Products & Services: 

Plumbing Supply Wholesaler

We sell plumbing supplies wholesale to plumbers and contractors.  We sell everything from fixtures to pipes and fittings and everything in between.  We also have an array or eco-friendly, or green products.  See our website for an idea of the types of things we sell.


Do I have to understand plumbing to apply?

It is helpful, but no, it is not required for entry level positions, such as warehouse or driver.  it is also not required for most administrative positions.  For Sales or management positions, you do need to understand plumbing. and now the products.

What is the process of applying for a job?

Go to our website and click on the link for Job Applications located in the blue menu bar on the right of the web page.

Can I attach a resume to my application?

Resumes included with your application are always welcome and encouraged.

What is the process once I have applied?

In short, we have a six step process to getting hired. 

  1. Complete an application
  2. Invited for first interview
  3. Review References
  4. Invited for second interview
  5. Criminal Background Check
  6. Pre-employment drug test

For some of the steps, there is nothing for you to do, others, such as the first step are all up to you.  The first step to the process is to complete an application located on our website and send it to us by US Mail, Scan and e-mail, fax, or drop it off at any of our branch locations.

Once Human Resources receives your application, it is then reviewed by a committee.  If the committee chooses your application, you will receive a phone call for an interview.  This interview will determine your fit within the company.

If we determine you would be a good candidate to work for Pacific Plumbing Supply, we would then check your references. 

If we receive a good report from your references, we then would forward your application to the actual branch manager with the open position.  If they are interested in having you possibly join our team, they would invite you for a second interview.  This interview would determine fit for branch location.

If the manager decides you are the candidate, you would be asked to approve a Criminal background check and then, following successful completion of that, you would be asked to take a pre-employment drug test.

Can I apply for more than one position at a time?

Yes, just list at the top all the positions you are interested in being considered for.

How can I check on the status of my application?

If you are invited for the first interview, we will contact you to let you know the status either way.  If the interview went well and we are still interested we will be contacting you to set up the second interview with branch management.

If at any point during steps w - 6, we decide not to continue the process with you, we will send you a letter notifying you of our decision.

Due to the volume of applications we process, as a general rule, we do not contact you if you are not chosen after the first step of submitting your application.

What are the working hours?

Each branch location has varying hours, but in general our branch locations open between 6:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. and close between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.  Our branches are open Monday thru Friday, as a general rule.  A couple of our showrooms are open on Saturday.

We offer the following holidays off paid each year:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • The day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
Does the company offer benefits?

All positions of 30 hours or more per week receive Company benefits the first of the month following 30 days of employment which include:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life Insurance
  • 401k

Additional benefits that can be purchased by you through payroll deduction:

  • Supplemental Life Insurance
  • Short-term Disability (with a work-related injury rider)
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Accident Insurance
  • Cancer Policy
  • Critical Illness

Our Company offers a 401k plan to employees the first of the month, following 90 days of employment.  We also match 25% of what you contribute up to a maximum of 5% of your wages.  (In other words, for every dollar you add to your 401k through payroll deduction, we will contribute $0.25 cents.)

We also have an Employee Assistance Program in which employees and their families can call for services such as marriage, family and other counseling, and credit counseling, all at no cost to the employee for the first three visits.  Additionally, there is legal counseling that offers a free 30 minute phone call.  If you should decide to use the services of the legal provider you spoke with, you will recieve a 25% discount off their rates.

Company contact: 

Mark Perry 
Human Resources Manager

Company locations

7115 W Marginal Way SW
Seattle, WA 98106

Rewards and benefits: 

401K Matching
Flexible Dress Code
Health Insurance
Holidays / Vacations
Sick Days
Veteran Hiring Program