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Parker Staffing Services

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11 to 50 Employees
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Administrative Staffing / Clerical Staffing

For over thirty years, Parker Staffing Services has been working with established, well-known companies in the greater Seattle area with their administrative and clerical staffing needs. We pride ourselves on the ability to seek out and match the most talented administrative, reception and front desk professionals with quality organizations in and around the Puget Sound.

Executive Assistant Staffing

Parker also specializes in finding and placing high-level professional, senior administrative support at many of the Seattle area's best organizations, and we've developed that specialty for the past 35 years. Our recruiters work to match company cultures and spirits with top-notch Executive Assistant (EA) candidates in the Puget Sound. 

Contact Center Staffing

Did you know Seattle was a hub for contact centers? Our global brands seek authentic, homegrown voices to meet their high demands in customer service. The next time you call into a customer support, you may very well be talking to a Parker employee.

Human Resources Staffing

Seattle’s unemployment rate continues to be one of the lowest in the nation. As our clients grow, so too does their need to manage their staff. With our own SPHR-certified Human Resources Director, we’ve been able to help our clients with all of their HR needs.

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Sarah Kirschner 
Recruiting Coordinator
Clara Evans 
Program Coordinator| Parker On-Site at Nintendo
Jacob Rhoades 
Senior Vice President

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