Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

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At the Department of Social and Health Services, Washington state’s largest agency, we work to transform the lives of the 2.5 million people we serve each year. Our 17,000 employees engage daily with the state’s most vulnerable residents. We are known for our innovative approaches to social services and our strong belief we can accomplish our mission only through strong partnerships with communities and solid government-to-government relationships with Native American tribes. We envision a state in which all people are healthy, safe and supported and taxpayer resources are safeguarded. We value honesty and integrity, open communication, pursuit of excellence, diversity and inclusion and commitment to service. We are nationally recognized for our services to adults and children with a wide range of needs, including long-term care, behavioral health assistance; child and family support; juvenile and adult rehabilitation; and employment, food and cash assistance. Our offices are located throughout the state, which is known for its affordable, safe communities and unparalleled recreation, cultural and educational opportunities. Will you join us in transforming lives?

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Western State Hospital is hiring medical professionals

Are you a psychologist, nurse or skilled caregiver looking for a competitive salary in a place where you can make a real difference? Western State Hospital is seeking compassionate, team-oriented medical professionals to be part of our multi-disciplinary in-patient treatment for adults with mental illness. 

We feature rewarding careers, competitive salaries and a chance to transform lives

At Western State, you will work collaboratively with other top professionals who share your belief in patient-centered treatment. You will collaborate with patients and their families to meet medical care and vocational needs.

Our 900 clinical staff members serve more than 800 patients, geriatric and forensic patients at our location near Tacoma, Washington. Staff at Western are excellent communicators, well-versed in multiple psychiatric treatments and dedicated to providing compassionate service that respects patients’ dignity and abilities.  

See more here: https://www.dshs.wa.gov/western-state-hospital-hiring




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