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Business Analyst (ecommerce & systems integration)

About Binary Anvil

Binary Anvil is an award-winning ecommerce development and systems integration agency located in Issaquah, WA. Over the last 10 years, we developed a solid reputation for mission accomplishment and accountability that has earned us the trust of great brands. Our clients and partners have high standards along with complex requirements regarding functionality and systems integration. Our clients expect us to extend their brands and make online shopping easy for their direct consumers, business to business customers, and back office stakeholders. We value successfully completed projects that meet or exceed our client’s expectation, second only to the rock stars behind the scenes at Binary Anvil who make it all come together.

About You

This is the best job you will ever have. You will make a difference and have the opportunity to be a real hero to both your peers and our clients. If you do your job well, folk songs will be written about you someday. To be successful at Binary Anvil, at your core, you must love working with people and solving problems. To succeed internally, you must be an honest, responsible, accountable, open, direct, and transparent team player. You must be able to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses allowing yourself and your team to be set up for success. You must produce your deliverables, be an advocate of process and compliance, and also be an open contributor to process change when necessary. To successfully execute on behalf of our clients, we seek experienced and mature people with “will-do” attitudes who are capable of learning, mentoring, adapting, and growing. You must have high standards for your individual contributions and those of your team members. You must possess a strong sense of ownership, detail orientation, accountability and pride in both your individual work and the team’s collaborative efforts. You must be able to prioritize and organize your work in service to our clients who entrust their brands to Binary Anvil. There will be challenging and intense moments while we execute on our client’s behalf. However, when the mission is accomplished, it is extremely rewarding, both personally and professionally, to know you were part of creating something great and solving real problems that make a real difference to our clients. You can’t buy competence, trust, or respect. These are priceless and precious qualities that we have earned, and we want those who join us to zealously value, protect and advance these qualities at every opportunity.

Job Purpose

The purpose of this job is to ensure that project requirements, deliverables, and scope are properly defined and documented. This includes working closely with clients, sr.. project managers and sr.. solutions architects in addition to subject matter experts to ensure that tasks can be transitioned to project management and are actionable.

Business Analyst Role Overview

Work closely with project managers, solution architects and various members of the engineering and design staff from the start of a project to its finish. Be responsible for the documentation of a projects requirements, deliverables, and scope. Continuously develop your knowledge and expertise regarding the native features and capabilities of our primary software suites. Be proactive in your communication regarding requirements, deliverables, and scope documentation. Work closely with the individual contributors to ensure that any lack of clarity is addressed in a timely fashion and the requirements, deliverables, and scope are adjusted correctly. Be able to identify reoccurring problems and be able to provide solutions, work with others towards a solution, and ensure all tasks to be actionable by our development staff.

As a business analyst you will be involved in both complete re-platforming projects, and smaller future phase features.


Assist with Sales

• From time to time work with sales, business development, and leadership as a ‘Potential’ is transitioning to a ‘Client’. Familiarize yourself with the project and lend your insight to the project.

• Be a resource to sales and business development lending your knowledge and expertise to clarify questions a potential client might have.

Assist with Project Planning

Support the sr.. project manager and sr.. solutions architect by ensuring that all necessary documentation, guides, checklists, and templates are in order prior to collecting requirements, deliverables, and setting scope.

Contribute to the Project

• Be an essential part of facilitating solutions for stakeholder

• Analyze business needs

• Lead efforts to perform a largely template driven GAP analysis of a clients current state ecommerce and systems integration solution

• Lead efforts to evaluate, recommend, and assist the client in selecting and implementing the appropriate solution that will enable the ecommerce and system integration objectives

• Organize and complete or supervise the completion of all templates needed for the project

• Work closely with the sr. solutions architect, head of engineering, and the sr. project manager to ensure requirements, deliverables, and scope are documented correctly

• Lead efforts to ensure that all native features that are in scope are documented correctly by creating the documentation or reviewing the documentation of others

• Create and review user stories, use cases, integration documentation, diagrams, and templates that will result in actionable tasks for the development team

• Organize, schedule, and lead walk through meetings

• Provide guidance and expertise in ecommerce best practices, usability, and user experience

• Assist the project manager with managing scope

• Evaluate 3rd party extensions and other software solutions for exclusion or inclusion in the clients solution

• Have proactive, regular, daily communication with the project manager and solutions architect during all stages of the project

• Be able to supervise and hold accountable individual contributors that may be assigned to you from time to time to support you in creating documentation you are responsible for

• Serve as a point of contact and resource to development teams answering questions and clarifying requirements, deliverables, and scope

• Ensure that you have a full understanding of each task

• Validate solutions

• Set up files to ensure that all project information is appropriately documented and secured

• Ensure that the designers and developers have a full understanding of each task

• Review the quality of the work completed with the project team on a regular basis to ensure that the requirements, deliverables, and scope are being met

• Set expectations and be able to hold other team members accountable

• Review the project in Jira daily

• Communicate with internal and external stakeholders regularly

• Review all test scripts and scenarios and verify they have been passed

Evaluate the Project

• Participate in after action meetings to help identify and prioritize process improvement

• Assist the sr. project managers in the creation of an after action report for each and every project to identify what was done well and what we will do better next time

Qualifications & Experience


• A technical or mathematics degree is preferred but not a requirement

Professional Designations

• Project management certificates, classes or courses in agile development or scrum are a plus

• Magento ecommerce certificates are preferred but not required upon hire. You will be encouraged to obtain a Magento certification within 6 months of employment

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities (KSA’s)

• Knowledge/familiarity/understanding of web development and ecommerce

• Knowledge/familiarity/understanding of systems integration and ERP, OMS, & WMS

• Knowledge/familiarity/understanding of project management methodologies such as waterfall, agile and scrum

• Knowledge/familiarity/understanding of the functional capabilities of ecommerce platforms such as Magento, Demandware (Commerce Cloud), SAP Hybris, Shopify, Big Commerce, Woo Commerce

• Knowledge/familiarity/understanding of relational databases ( MySQL, Oracle, SQL)

• Knowledge/familiarity/understanding of web services (SOAP, REST, GraphQl)

• Knowledge/familiarity/understanding of Jira and Jira Service Desk

• Knowledge/familiarity/understanding of software testing tools and methodologies

• Knowledge/familiarity/understanding of software testing including tools and methodologies

• Possess excellent written and oral communication skills focusing on technical documentation

• Possess excellent diagraming skills

• Possess excellent organization and time management skills

• Possess excellent communication skills

• Be able to travel both domestically and international with no entry restrictions

• Be able to transform client business needs into templates, user stories, use cases, and diagrams that will result in actionable items for our development team

• Be able to communicate effectively with clients

• Be able to communicate effectively with onshore and offshore developers whose second language is English.

Required Experience

An ideal candidate will posses the experience listed below or an equivalency

• 3+ years of experience working with design teams

• 3+ years of experience working with software development teams

• 3+ years of experience in software and system integration implementation

• 3+ years of experience creating technical documentation

• 2+ years of experience working in ecommerce industry

• Expertise with MS Excel

• Experience with Magento is a plus

• Experience working with development teams from other countries

Personal characteristics

The Business Analyst should demonstrate competencies in the following:

• Behave Ethically: Hold yourself and those around you accountable for high standards of behaviors and business practices consistent and in alignment with the vision and values of Binary Anvil

• Communicate Effectively: Speak, listen and write in a clear, thorough and timely manner using appropriate and effective communication tools and techniques

• Creativity/Innovation: Develop new and unique ways to improve operations of the organization and to create new opportunities

• Foster Teamwork: Work cooperatively and effectively with others to set goals, resolve problems, and make decisions that enhance organizational effectiveness

• Lead: Positively influence others to achieve results that are in the best interest of the organization

• Make Decisions: Assess situations for importance, urgency and risks, and make clear decisions that are timely and in the best interest of the organization

• Organize: Set priorities, develop a work schedule, monitor progress towards goals, and track details/data/information/activities

• Plan: Determine strategies to move the organization forward, set goals, create and implement action plans, and evaluate the process and results.

• Solve Problems: Assess problem situations to identify root causes, gather and process relevant information, generate possible solutions, and make recommendations and/or resolve the problem

Compensation & Culture

• Work steady, hard when necessary, play hard

• Run towards problems not away from them

• Be comfortable being the dumbest person in the room. If you aren't, make strides to become it - not by becoming less smart, but by ensuring we hire only the best and the brightest to join the team.

• Direct compensation is commensurate to the position and experience

• Individual and team performance bonuses available to most positions

• Best of breed health care, dental and other benefits

Business Analyst (ecommerce & systems integration)

Issaquah, WA
Full Time

Published on 08-06-2019