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Community Nutrition Advisor

Position Summary

Build partnerships and initiate collaborative programs with schools, food pantries, grocery retailers and/or community interests that represent social and environmental support systems for low income families and individuals. Educational programs developed and delivered will promote healthier food and physical activity choices for food stamp, also known as supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) recipients. Support coordination of policy, systems, and environmental work and enter data for the District. This position will be based out of Caldwell, Idaho.


Job Duty FunctionProvide education and environmental support in nutrition, food safety and food resource management:Job Duties/Responsibilities

Policy Systems and Environmental work no less than 75%: Initiate relationships with organizations, agencies and individuals that make up the social environmental networks that influence decisions made by SNAP recipients. Cultivate partnerships with those organizations and individuals to test and adopt new practices intended to promote healthier choices. Practices may include changing the layout/organization of a store/food pantry, to facilitate healthy choices; organizing a healthy food drive project to improve the quality of donations at school or organization food drives; gathering local information about food insecurity, food deserts, access to physical activity opportunities for use by local anti-hunger or healthy living coalitions; presenting healthy cooking demonstrations and nutrition education in locations where SNAPrecipients make food choices. Document activities for environmental interventions and submit required reporting documents. Maintain records and paperwork for collaborative meetings with partners and agencies; collect and document research, data, and information; keep accurate daily logs and mileage; maintain communication with supervisor, other program advisors and county staff.


Job Duty FunctionActively recruit and provide education and skill development to participants:Job Duties/Responsibilities

Direct Education no more than 20%: Teaching evidence based, approved lessons on basic nutrition, food safety, food resource management, and physical activity classes to eligible adults and youth, as part of Eat Smart Idaho. Classes are offered in group settings on a regular basis (may include conducting occasional classes with place-bound clients in their home). This responsibility involves travel to fulfill these duties. Successful classes require advanced planning to allow advertising of the classes, preparation of learning materials and handouts, planning and presentation of food preparation demonstrations, and acquisition of necessary supplies. Working with agencies to identify low income clientele who would benefit from Eat Smart Idaho classes. Arranging for and scheduling locations and dates to provide educational classes, and active recruitment of eligible adults and youth to participate in scheduled classes. Completing and submitting essential paperwork in a timely manner which includes participant enrollment forms, evaluation questionnaires and surveys, time sheets, monthly reports, handout order forms and schedules, and other administrative paperwork.


Job Duty FunctionContributes to team effort:Job Duties/Responsibilities

Demonstrating a willingness to consistently work with coworkers and supervisors in an effort to successfully achieve mutually-sought goals for the office and the program. Attend all required meetings. Perform other duties as assigned within the scope of responsibility and requirements of the job.

Position Qualifications

Required Qualifications

- Experience teaching or speaking publicly in a professional environment.

- Demonstrate ability to use computers, software and the internet.

- Experience cooking or preparing food, food safety and maintaining equipment/supplies.

- Must possess High School diploma, completion of high school equivalency or GED.

Preferred Qualifications

- Experience teaching and marketing programs with agencies that target limited resource families and working with people from varying socio-economic backgrounds.

- Experience developing marketing tools and messaging, managing projects and creating presentations and charts using PowerPoint and Excel.

- Experience in nutrition and food resource management.

- Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in Health, Health Care Studies, Social Services or a related field.

- Experience with data collection and research.

- Ability to work independently, be self-motivated and give attention to detail and maintain accurate records.

- Possess valid driver’s license

Physical Requirements & Working Conditions

This position requires the ability to work occasional weekends, after regular business hours and a specified number of hours a week. Must possess own transportation and ability to travel to multiple worksites in specified areas of Southern Idaho including travel for meetings and trainings.

Degree RequirementN/A: No degree requirement

Community Nutrition Advisor

Caldwell, ID
Full Time

Published on 04-04-2019