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Customer Service Representative onsite at Amazon

This is a highly interactive, customer facing role on site at the Amazon campus. Team members will be servicing Amazon employees directly. They will be mainly working in the corporate mail room assisting employees and also make sure that packages are organized correctly to be sent out. They will also have to go to offices to pick up packages as well. 

* Sorts, distributes and handles incoming and outgoing mail/faxes, as well as applies necessary postage. 
* Answers customer questions regarding inbound and outbound mail. 
* Provides copier maintenance and/or repair of customer site equipment.Operating document image handling software. 
* Operating MS Office and Email systems for opening, sending and retrieving files. 
* Opening, saving and transferring PC files based on established protocols. 
* Accessing document management systems via established protocols. 
* Ensures convenience copiers are working properly, checking for quality via daily inspections.
* Clears paper jams and informs technicians of specific problems. 
* Maintains records for management reports and inventories of supplies needed. 
* Distributes mail and packages to company personnel and/or designated drop-off points as required. 
* Calculates charges for jobs performed and maintains some billing logs. 
* May perform filing duties in conjunction with specific customer requests. 
* Delivers completed jobs to pre-determined customer locations within site campus. 
* Maintains daily meter and service logs. 
* May travel between customer's buildings. 
* Ensures upkeep of convenience copier areas by keeping neat and well stocked.
* Performs duties related to the shipping of materials.
* Performs duties related to the receiving of materials.
* May perform meeting room and conference room set ups.
* May perform occasional cleaning duties as needed.
* Performs filing duties, which may include 'purging' and archiving documents.
* Performs other duties as assigned.

Customer Service Representative onsite at Amazon

Seattle, WA
Contract / Temporary

Published on 05-02-2019