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Research Technician

Position Summary

To manage and coordinate chemical residue field research to aid with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration of agricultural chemicals for minor use crops in the state of Idaho and the Western U.S. Utilize Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) techniques to identify necessary procedures to fulfill U.S. EPA data requirements for regulatory decisions. Be responsible for reviewing research protocols, identifying problems or necessary changes, and making recommendations for changes. Keep current with all GLP’s and assist with Quality Assurance audits. Manage Irregular Help and the Safety program for the Minor Use Pesticide Development Center. Operate farm equipment and pesticide application equipment and plant, cultivate and harvest field and tree-fruit crops. Edit and compile data manually or by computer program for GLP field data notebooks. Review and correct data and ensure that output is consistent with the studies. Draft report of findings into a format appropriate to various users. Respond to requests for information on current and potential use of data and the research system.


Job Duty FunctionEditing and compiling data manually or by computer program for GLP field data notebooks by:Job Duties/Responsibilities

Overseeing all Field Data Notebook (FDN) preparation in compliance with GLP’s; Managing and creating new and up to date data entry forms and equipment use and maintenance logs; Managing all changes and updates for the filing system for all archived data and for all other filing systems within the MUPDC, including all forms and logs; Making decisions concerning minor purchase and implementation of data collection equipments such as computer mapping programs or digital and mechanical environmental data collection equipment; Completing daily data entry, both electronic and in FDN’s according to GLP’s; Reviewing and answering Quality Assurance Audits when supervisor in not available; Managing all aspects of chemical shipping to and from the MUPDC in compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations and in compliance with GLP’s; Interacting and communicating with supervisor on all matters concerning data compilation and compliance with GLP’s that may have immediate impact on the MUPDC and its studies; Reviewing and making recommendations to supervisor for revisions of the MUPDC Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and answers/solutions to Quality Assurance Audit Findings; Making recommendations to supervisor concerning the purchase and implementation of new and/or updated data collection and management equipment.


Job Duty FunctionAssisting with establishment and culture of Field Research Plots (FRP’s) by:Job Duties/Responsibilities

Creating design, layout and management plan of chemical residue FRP’s including making decisions concerning timing and methods of test substance application, deviation of spray schedule due to inclement weather conditions, use of application equipment, minor purchase and/or implementation of new and/or different equipment or methods, dimensions of plots to achieve proper amounts of commodity for harvest, placement of plots in a field for proper irrigation/wind direction, timing and methods of harvest, and decisions made during In Life Critical Phase Quality Assurance Audits; Maintaining all small plot research equipment and applying test substance to FRP’s; Harvesting and sampling FRP’s involving driving small plot combines, swathers, and tractors; Traveling long distances at early morning hours to arrive on site at or before sunup; Practicing safe and legal traveling procedures while driving tow vehicles pulling trailers containing chemicals, application equipment, and water tanks.


Job Duty FunctionManaging and coordinating chemical residue field research to aid with the U.S. EPA registration of agricultural chemicals for minor use crops in the state of Idaho and the Western U.S. by:Job Duties/Responsibilities

Providing background information and recommendations to supervisor, interacting and communicating with supervisor on all matters concerning field work and compliance with GLP’s that may have immediate impact on the MUPDC and its studies; Monitoring all aspects of the project; participating as a member of the management team in developing and integrating policies and procedures, insuring compliance with policies and procedures; Assessing situations and giving recommendations for various situations such as plot locations and placement, deciding when to cancel a study due to deviation from study protocol, deciding when to deliberately deviate from study protocol for any reason and when to notify study directors of potential problems, and making recommendations for the major purchase or implementation of new and/or different field equipment; coordinating GLP studies through all critical phases including test substance receipt, test substance application, Raw Ag Commodity, (RAC) sampling and RAC shipping.


Job Duty FunctionMaintaining technical knowledge and certifications by:Job Duties/Responsibilities

Attending one or more GLP training class per year to stay current with GLP’s, Quality Assurance Audits, and industry standards. Attending classes, seminars, and other instruction appropriate to job requirements to stay current with commodity and grower practices.


Job Duty FunctionCoordinating Worker Protection Safety (WPS) training and equipment for Minor Use Pesticide Development Center by:Job Duties/Responsibilities

Keeping current with all U of ID and OSHA safety standards and training required; Keeping all Center employees’ WPS equipment updated and in good working condition; Purchasing all new WPS equipment needed for various spray situations; Making decisions regarding the implementation of applicable and appropriate training courses for the MUPDC.


Job Duty FunctionCoordinating Efficacy and Phytotoxicity, (E and P) trials for Minor Use Pesticide Development Center by:Job Duties/Responsibilities

Managing the establishment and culture of E & P research plots; maintaining all small plot research equipment needed for E & P studies. Applying numerous test substances to E & P plots, and completing counts and data entry.


Job Duty FunctionSupervising temporary help by:Job Duties/Responsibilities

Training, managing and supervising all Irregular Help as needed; Contacting and checking availability of help when situations arise; managing and keeping current with all irregular helps’ job qualifications and training records.

Position Qualifications

Required Qualifications

- Requires two years of college including science and/or related courses in specified area of research discipline plus three years or more of related work experience. (Additional work experience may be substituted for college on a year-for-year basis.)

- Possess an Idaho Professional Applicators License or be willing to obtain one within 6 months.

- Must have a valid driver’s license and be able to successfully pass a driver’s record check.

- Some knowledge of: principles and procedures of research design, methodology and analysis applicable to specific research being conducted; sampling and analysis techniques.

- Ability to: perform complex and technical tasks related to research area; keep records and generate written reports of research activities.

Preferred Qualifications

- Knowledge of and experience with Good Laboratory Practices and their application.

- Flexibility to work in multiple locations throughout Idaho.

- Experience in welding, plumbing, carpentry, and light electrical work.

- Computer record keeping skills.

- Knowledge of farm chemicals and their use.

- Thorough knowledge of methods used in agricultural crop production.

- Experience in operation and maintenance of a variety of diesel and gasoline powered farm equipment.

- Experience in the safe use of electrical and hand operated shop tools.

Physical Requirements & Working Conditions

- May be required to work with toxic, volatile and corrosive chemicals or carcinogenic substances; and/or be required to work in adverse environmental conditions; carrying, lifting, or otherwise moving heavy materials and or chemical containers weighing at least 80 pounds.

- Flexibility to work odd hours.

Degree RequirementN/A: No degree requirement

Research Technician

Twin Falls, ID
Full Time
2 +

Published on 04-04-2019