Feature Stories

Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way. Jon Rennie outlines his experience with positive peer pressure during his military career. Photo Credit: U.S.
Carla Olivo discusses the pros and cons of buying and renting a home in the military lifestyle.
In the two part series, "I started late, now what?", Geoff Phillips outlines preparing for separation from the military.
As a retired lieutenant colonel and aviation officer from the army, Jason has spent the last 25 years in a variety of leadership positions that culminated in battalion command.
Jason Roncoroni is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Army and a professional coach. He is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coach Federation.
Miles Apart – He Still Has My Heart
When you create the collage of face from your military career, notice that you already have a deep network to leverage for transition
Thank you for your service. You've had an impressive career . . . but you're not what we're looking for.
“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” Voltaire
How do you hope to find the right opportunity when you don't know what you are looking for?