Birds of a Floating Feather

"Keep Flying"
Written by Victor Jabri on Jul 22, 2019
Birds of a Floating Feather

Do birds fly directly into the wind to test their resolve? Do they persevere against each new blast of temperature tempered chilled air, pushing onward and upward toward an undeclared destination, high above? Do they push themselves to new speeds and velocities to gain strength and increased endurance?

Do birds coast along the tidal breeze remnants of the Gulf Stream warm winds, wingspans folded open wide, gladly accepting the feel of each new updraft and balmy tailwind, pushing higher and higher, and into thin air and uncertainty to embolden its courage?

Or, do birds simply accept their role, as Ray Bradbury suggests, “Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall.” That must be what birds do!

The distinction between learning how to unfold their wings to fly, and pushing forward against the shifting currents are lessons learned from the time we gained inception into the world as cuddly newborns, molded adolescents, and immediately into the present, as adults. We have all been granted the capacity, like birds, to make choices that help us grow, whether daring headfirst into the wind or floating freely and with ease; both are necessary and must consistently be refined and redefined. 

Observing my team grow collectively, and empowering them to become the best versions of themselves, created the need. I watched them soar and strive to experience each new success, something more, and always future focused. The collective and individual shared experiences and camaraderie they inspired makes it difficult to leave them in pursuit of new career ambitions, this time from the heartland soul of NYC. I am so proud of who they have become, all that they have accomplished since establishing the unit, and of their promise to deliver bold solutions and continued performance excellence. I am most assuredly grateful for their reminders to unfold my own wings.  

Come to think of it, my team may have turned me into a bird. They definitely inspired me to live how I lead, and in essence gave me wings. The emphasis on critical thinking and risk management applied to our decision making processes has prepared me accordingly for a career transition, and also for the sometimes turbulent air that systematically plays a role in any transition we birds endure.

If you are currently standing in the middle of a career transition, shaking your head to make sense of it all; take a moment to remember that you have already flown across a stretch of land this size a thousand times before. Plan, test, retest, evaluate throughout, and plan and test some more. Keep flying. Every experience, whether networking during events, talking with someone who works in a different industry, and all the interviews; the fateful day of receiving a golden offer letter will arrive sooner that you think.

The key is to jump and fly!