How Veterans Can Find Jobs Even When No One is Hiring

"You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” - Zig Ziglar
Written by Cedric Crumbley
How Veterans Can Find Jobs Even When No One is Hiring

Dear Veteran,

A recent servicemember in transition asked, "I’m a qualified veteran, why can’t I find a job?"

Here's my humble attempt to provide a solution with a little help from Thomas Stanley's book "Networking With The Affluent". By modeling these steps you'll find employment soon enough.

First, enhance the revenue of the people in your network. If you have friends who are in business, become a matchmaker by introducing the business owners who sell to persons who seek new sources of supply. Connect the buyers with the sellers. Don’t ask for a fee (initially). Just keep connecting and watch the opportunities come your way.

Second, enhance the livelihood of their children. – Support the student functions of friend’s kids. Have you ever received an invitation to a kid’s birthday party or school event? Yes, you have. Instead of ignoring it, go ahead and attend the event. It will come back to you. You may even meet someone that’s looking to hire someone with your skills. Did you learn anything in the military that you can pass on to someone else’s child? Feel free to share once asked.

Third, go beyond submitting resumes. Set yourself apart by understanding and empathizing with the basic needs of local business owners. Most people go out looking for a job. The problem with this is employers are not looking to give out more money without a significant return. Today employers are more interested in solving problems. Instead of going out looking for a job. Go out looking to solve problems for employers. Research the company. What are their strengths and weaknesses? What are the opportunities and threats facing this company? Come up with solutions to help with these challenges. Now that you are armed with this information. Approach the employer with a plan to help solve their problems. You’ll end up with not only a job but more income than you expected.

Here are some questions to consider answering when researching a future employer:

How does this company set itself apart in the industry?

What is the basic business model?

What's their specialty?

What do they buy?

What do they sell?

Does the company need more customers/clients?

Are they in need of new sources of supply?

What concerns them about their industry?

How can you add value to this company?

By applying the above, you will find your employment opportunities to thrive even in adverse economic conditions.


But this is more than a tactic, it is an expression that you truly care about the well-being of your employer. You'll find that when you become interested in what's going on in the lives of your employer, and they, in turn, will find you more interesting. You'll soon become the most sought after veteran in town.

And once you successfully receive a job offer using these techniques--send me a note and I'll share it with my readers. I'm looking forward to reading your success story!

All the best,

Cedric Crumbley