Why I Love the ‘Army Wife’ Label

“Don't resent the label, embrace it. Love it. Change the perception. Change the world.”
Written by Rebecca Alwine on Apr 03, 2017
Why I Love the ‘Army Wife’ Label

There are so many stereotypes in the world, most of them based on a few bad encounters with a few wild people and then they spread. One of the ones that bothers me the most is the negative way people, especially those within the military community, use the term "Army Wife." This author is certainly no exception. She wrote a piece for Task & Purpose (who are not the most friendly military spouse publication) titled, "This is Why I Resent Being Labeled an 'Army Wife.'" 

When reading her story, I see that her problem is that she thinks being called an Army Wife means that is the only thing people see in her. Of course, in her example, there was someone who asked her to thank her husband for his service. Instead of graciously accepting, she chose to argue with him attempting to explain that she too was a Veteran. Not really the appropriate time for that. 

Being an Army Wife does not define us. Marrying a Soldier is not the only thing that makes me who I am. In fact, to list the things that I view myself as, it is not even in the top 3. There are army wives who have nothing to do with the Army. There are those who enjoy the military and the traditions and get involved. Both are extremes and all those in between are still happy with their lives.

Being part of the Army Wife community is amazing. You can have immediate, life long friends who will come to your aid at any time. Seriously, they will be there in their pajamas at 2 am if need be. You have a sense of community within hours of arriving at a new destination. You live among some of the strongest and most dedicated people in the world, and despite differences of opinion, rank, or economic situation, you band together in an emergency. Why wouldn't you want to be part of that group? 

Yes, there are Veterans among us. Do we treat them badly because they served? Nope. We frequently ask their opinions on things to help our marriages. We thank them on Veteran's Day, we mention them to our friends upon introductions. We worry about a lot of meaningless stuff in this world, but we don't need to worry about this. Army wives are Army wives, regardless of their past profession. 

 |    In fact, to list the things that I view myself as, it is not even in the top 3.

Those who resent the label are not seeing the whole picture. They are truly missing out on this fantastic experience. They play a role in making the stereotype life on. Each and every time an Army wife, regardless of the situation, does something to cast a shadow on the community, they are the ones in the wrong. Don't resent the label, embrace it. Love it. Change the perception. Change the world.


Writer Bio: Rebecca Alwine has been a military spouse for over 8 years, traveling the world and learning about herself. She’s discovered she enjoys running, loves lifting weights, is a voracious reader, and actually enjoys most of the menial tasks of motherhood. You can follow her on Twitter at armywife1229 or at www.whatrebeccathinks.com