Dwayne Paro

Dwayne Paro is very committed and passionate about supporting transitioning Veterans. He is a combat Veteran who served in the Air Force for 8 years and has spent the past 19 years supporting the federal government as a contractor in Washington DC area. Through his dedication, perseverance, self-discipline, integrity and solid leadership skills he has progressed to be a Chief Information Officer for a Federal Aerospace Engineering firm. Using his Military and Executive experiences he has been able to step out as an Entrepreneur and establish Landmark Life Coaching in response to a support gap that exists for Veterans. Due to his passion for supporting Veterans he has built a T.E.A.M Vets program that is focused on filling the gap that exists between what the Veterans Administration can provide and what transitioning Veterans need to create and lead a fulfilling and empowering life that honors their duty and sacrifice.
"Hey, you've been making changes. You've been put in tough situations the whole time that you've been in the military. This is one more step in that process." – Sarah Bushong