Mike Schindler

Mike Schindler, Navy veteran, subject matter expert on training, government relations and veteran transition issues, serves as the Chief Collaborator and executive officer for OMF Cares. He is responsible for ensuring OMF stays on mission with serving veterans and their families as well as OMF Cares' corporate and client training and partner engagement. Operation Military Family is a recognized and trusted veteran services, consulting and technology solutions organization that serves business, higher education and government agencies. OMF is the brain trust behind VAPP ‒ the Veterans App - the first of its kind comprehensive lifecycle-based technology solution that leverages business, community-based organizations, and state and federal agencies, thus maximizing veteran and family care. Recipient of Parent Maps' 2011 Superhero Award for Washington Families Recipient of Amway's 2011 Hero for Patriotism Award Mr. Schindler has over 18 years experience with leading teams, growing business, managing budgets and solving business-related challenges. Specialties: Business management consulting, contract negotiation, branding and identity, budget overview, sales management, raising capital, solid presentation skills
As Cruse states, "R.Riveter doesn't hire military spouses to make handbags. We make handbags to hire military spouses and create a greater sense of mission."
“..Firms that are run by CEOs with military experience perform better than other CEOs.”
Bottom line: Today’s veterans and their families have had some of the best training in the world while on active duty.
Bottom line: While some still view Veterans as America’s problem, those “in-the-know” recognize that Veterans are America’s solution to many of the issues communities and corporations face today.